Best Laser Tape Measure Reviews

A brief account of Laser Tape Measure

People having no knowledge of Laser Tape measure need to know that it is used to find out the distance of an object. A laser measure is also known as a laser rangefinder showing the range of an item. For the purpose of determining the distance, a laser range finder makes use of laser beams.

The method of measurement

The method of measuring a distance starts by taking aim at the object through a narrow laser beam & counting the time taken during accessing the object & coming back to the starting point. Although you can adopt this method but bear mind that it is of no avail except for 3D-modeling field because it is regarded as less precise than other proven methods.

Leica DISTO D2 200ft Laser Distance Measurer

Leica DISTO D2 200ft

Leica DISTO D2 200ft on Amazon

This unit is the best of the bunch especially because it is absolutely risk-free while on the job site with the added benefit of being a proficient splash, dust proof & able to stock up the last 10 measurements. On the top of that, it features indirect measuring into the bargain.

 Appreciative acclaim by users

From all accounts, the method of using Leica is an absolute breeze. All the relevant buttons are uncomplicated to understand and locate accordingly. You don’t have to encounter any difficulty at all. The big enchilada the users love is its capability to show quite accurate results. The features like backlighting amazingly beggar belief.

Critical acclaim by the users

At the same time, there’s many a slip between the cup and the lip. The users also come up with some complaints against its lacking features, for example; the unit doesn’t take decimal inches into account but only fractional. Another downside is that the fractions are not easy to read in the act of being off the screen. A few users maintain that when they are outside the laser isn’t comfortably worth seeing.

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Bosch GLM 80-R 60 265-Feet Lithium-Ion Laser Distance Measurer

Bosch GLM 80 265-Feet

Bosch GLM 80-R 60 265-Feet on Amazon

This Laser Distance Measurer is made for those looking for the guaranteed technology that can enable the users to easily view from all angles and directions as the device adequately meet such as desire by providing a backlit display with an excellent tilt screen.

The tool is able to measure up to 16 inches, measuring approximately 265 feet with incredible accuracy.  Unlike other devices, you can use it 25, 000 times before it needs to be recharged. Two-ax 90-degree tilt sensor straightforwardly admits of indirect measurements.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

The best feature that the users absolutely adored is its ability to measure indirectly, thus the users are able to perform tasks quite comfortably. You don’t need to stand at the base of the wall so as to measure the height. You can simply do it without standing. Another prominently admired feature is the precision, fitting the bill in a tremendous way.

Critical acclaim by the users

The users complain that the laser beam isn’t as strong as it should be. No sooner does the unit shut off than they have to set the reference point again, getting back to square one. Some of the consumers express the concern that it is not going to last for a long time.

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Bosch DLR130K Laser Measure

Bosch DLR130K

Bosch DLR130K on Amazon

Along with 16-inch capable range, you are able to measure the distance just about 130 feet allowing for Four measurement systems including inches, decimal feet, feet & metric. As far modes, they comprise of volume, length, continuous, and area.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

The big enchilada features that the users appreciate offer portability, light weight, high performance, the provision of fractional inches and accuracy.

Critically acclaim by the users

A few users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the battery performance maintaining that the unit starts acting up about in few months’ time. Some complaints regarding the memory function of the tape measure have also come in front, for all the fact that it saves your measurements.

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Bosch GLM 15 Compact Laser Measure, 50-Feet

Bosch GLM 15

Bosch GLM 15 on Amazon

In the first place, it is easily portable on account of its compact design. You don’t need to press the button more than one due to its simple one-button operation. Once you are finished, you can lock your measurement as well. The accuracy of the results is beyond doubt as laser precision technology can vouch for that, with the range of 50 feet and up to 8 inches.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

The users like a lot of its features such as user-friendly, the ease of use and measurement accuracy. Above all, you only require hitting the one button to get it in motion. The lightness and smallness are also highly acclaimed features of the machine. You can carry it anywhere with you as it can be effortlessly accommodated in your pocket.

Critical acclaim by the users

Where users like numerous features of the measure, still they are not shy to express their dissatisfaction with the shortcoming features. To begin with, by their own account; the unit allows the measurement only in inches and feet. It is all but impossible for the users to exchange decimal feet. The users also discover that the screen doesn’t contain backlighting making it abstruse to read the results.

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Foneso F100 328ft Distance Measuring Tool with 100m Range & Backlit Display

Foneso F100 328ft

Foneso F100 328ft on Amazon

You should be floating on air that you can enjoy the pronounced visibility even in dim light due to its backlit screen. The device comes with multiple measurement modes comprising of the area, single distance, and continuous measurement. Added to these features, the measure lets you switch from one measuring units to another such as decimal feet, inches, feet and metric measurements. As to the range of the unit, it is a hard act to follow with the measuring range of 328 feet.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

In the first place, the users have expressed their heartfelt satisfaction with the battery life that lasts for a long time to bail them out of the trouble of recharging time and again.

People, who used it, are pleased that the measurement task that needs two people to accomplish is able to be performed by one person only. From the users’ own account, it is useable for 15000 times before needing a recharge. Saving up to 20 measurements is another incredible feature of the unit.

Critical acclaim by the users

A few of the users find the measure a bit intricate to use along with the abstruse instruction manual into the bargain. Others express their experience with the device saying that cheap plastic was used to make its structure. There’s no tempered glass with the added annoyance of mushy buttons. The quality of the design also beggars a negative question.

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Laser Distance Measurer, Foneso 40m Handheld Measuring Tool with Backlit Display – (131Feet)

Foneso 40m Handheld

Foneso 40m Handheld on Amazon

The unit offers you to measure in inches, feet, decimal feet and metric depending on what unit you want to get the result in. It is one of the praised features of the device. The measuring range approximates 131 feet along with single distance, area, and continuous measurement modes.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

Long battery life, high accuracy and saving of measurements are the most prominently praised features of this product. People like this device the same as they like other devices by Foneso.

Critical acclaim by the users

Most of the complaints exactly answer the description of the complaints about other Foneso products. The complaints from the users include the cheap design quality, hard to follow instructions, and so on.

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Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer with 165-feet Range & Backlit Display

Bosch GLM 50

Bosch GLM 50 on Amazon

To begin with, the display with backlighting ensures the visibility. Honestly, it is an excellent product with fantastic features in order to meet a variety of your needs with the addition of three measuring points from the front, back, and center. Along with indirect measurement; Length, volume, continuous measurement, and area are five versatile features with regards measurement modes. Within 16 inch accuracy, Precision Laser Measuring Technology allows you to measure equal to 165 feet.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

The consumers of the product show their great satisfaction with the accuracy of the product. From their own account, the unit is quiet easy to use for anybody – with the admiration for the other settings & all.

Critical acclaim by the users

There are a few complaints from the users that the case of the product isn’t all right calling it too delicate to last for a long time. Some of them express their views finding that the power of the laser isn’t showing up clearly in bright lighting.

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Bosch GLR225 Laser Distance Measurer

Bosch GLR225

Bosch GLR225 on Amazon

With the range of 230 feet & seven measurement modes, the unit is all right up to 16 inches. Seven available modes comprise of multi-surface, continuous, min/max, area, length, and volume. When you are measuring horizontally, you are provided with a visual reference by a built-in vial bubbler.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

Giving out the reading like a bat out of hell is the key feature liked and praised by the users. Many of the satisfied users banging the drum in favor of eight measurement modes and units also express their happy feelings about the durability. As to accuracy, it beggars belief into the bargain.

Critical acclaim by the users

Unsatisfied customers mostly complain that the buttons are made of poor class plastic, soggy and hard to use when the need arises. The badly written instructions to use that do not add up to very much as the next unfortunate feature of the device. The lack of the screen light is another repeated agony for the users, by their own account.

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DEWALT DW3050 165-Feet Laser Distance Measurer


DEWALT DW3050 on Amazon

This unit is capable of measuring either volume or area featured by indirect measuring as well. High-quality visibility, with the memory storage of five last measurements, is admirable, coming from the backlighting of the screen.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

The users are awarding the remarks in favor of its self-assurance waterproof feature. There’s no need to worry for the rain or water splashes etc. People admire the way it is made, which is much easier, taking the lead over others available in the market.

Critical acclaim by the users

A small number of people, showing their dissatisfaction with the laser, maintain that they can’t clearly see when they are outside. The complaints of wrong measurement results are also out there.

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Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure, 120 Feet

Bosch GLM 35

Bosch GLM 35 on Amazon

The unit lets you add or subtract measurement in the first place.  It is built-in screen backlighting resolving the issue of visibility. The measurement ranges from 16 inches up to 120 feet. The product takes account of volume, length, continuous measurement, area, and distance.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

The users widely acknowledge the long battery life, ease of use, and high level of accuracy. By their own account, the Laser Measure is as easy to use as taking candy from a baby, thus helping them save their time and energy.

Critical acclaim by the users

Two complaints coming from unsatisfied users are about measurement functions. The first is that they are unable to access the measure 120 feet maximally in bright sunlight and the second takes aim at not having the option of measuring by only inches.

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Laser tape measures help measure various objects by offering a quick, highly accurate & energy saving approach, which is not possible manually. In this way, you are able to save your valuable time and manpower by going it alone rather than requiring more than one person. It’s all right that Laser tape measure is an absolute gem, beyond doubt!

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