What is a wall scanner?

wall scanner for water pipes

A wall scanner is a non-invasive device with a handle used to find out the existence of water pipes, studs, and wirings into the walls or anything. The tool is a valuable invention of this day and age & equivalently beneficial for old users and absolute beginners.

Please, bear in mind that it is not an X-ray machine that will show you each and everything from inside. A wall scanner is just a tool to indicate the existence of something inside the wall, which could be pipes, studs, wirings or another material. The tool is the best thing since sliced bread in favor of a person related to construction industry including electricians, plumbers, masons, home improvement experts, and more.

Some high-end wall scanners can show you exactly what is behind the wall. The Latest LCD screen of these wall scanners is designed to show you graphical images of the material as well.

The prime objective of a wall scanner

Finding out water pipes fitted inside the walls can be a struggle through conventional ways. However, the use of a first-rate wall scanner can conveniently walk you through the process without a hassle. Without a shadow of a doubt, a wall scanner in A1 condition can be an absolute gem while drilling into walls with the likelihood of the existence of pipes, studs, & wirings inside them, which not only might damage your tool but also hurt you. On the other hand, if you own a high-quality wall scanner for DIY projects, you are able to perform in accord with your planning autonomous from any sort of abrupt hazard.

How can it work to your advantage?

The big enchilada is that you no longer need to hire an expert who can well examine the wall you want to drill as you can perform this task on your own in a jiffy provided that you own this tool. Of course, it is inevitable to make sure any safety hazards before drilling into the walls to hang and fix various amenities like smart TV, painted frames, looking glasses, and more. The use of wall for this purpose without having reliable digital wall scanner isn’t risk-free.

A step by step account of its features and uses

  • First off, switch your wall scanner on.
  • For a more accurate pre-map scan, enter the construction type to show the material your wall contains such as cement, wood, concrete, and on.
  • Place it on the wall and slide it across the wall gradually without lifting up during the course of action for perfect results.
  • As to the speed, the system will let you know if you are a tool to continue or too fast to work.
  • Note the results your computer is showing if the wall contains something behind.
  • Set aside the direction and go down again with the unit across the wall, when done with the pre-scan.
  • You are required to gain more than one scan during the use of the device. The use of the device at various heights can provide you with best average results.
  • You’d better put all areas of the wall to the test to make sure that you’ve got all the stuff in the internal part of the wall you can’t see with your naked eye.
  • Just a single scan is of no avail!
  • Water pipe detection becomes greater when you are moving the tool on walls in the proximity of a faucet or a tap.