A guideline in aid of choosing the right Laser Level Tripod

Why do you need a reliable Laser Level Tripod?

After you’ve purchased your laser level or you already have the one, you need to buy a reliable laser level Tripod to set your laser on. The 2nd task that is performed is to take aim at the targeted surface you are going to level. In this respect, it is an important accessory tool or equipment for or during the construction process. In other words, a laser level tripod is simply an inevitable part to the accompaniment of laser level.

Pacific Laser Systems PLS Elevator Tripod with Adjustable Height to 9 Foot 9 Inch

Pacific Laser Systems PLS Elevator Tripod

PLS Elevator Tripod on Amazon

This tripod simply bails you out of slippage issue. The rubber feet feature aimed at interior work is a big deal. The range of the adjustment begins from 25 & end in 115 inches. This special device allows easy transportation from one task to the next due to its carrying case. Don’t have a cow! The case has the power to keep the product safe and in A1 condition.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

The above all feature of the product is to win the customers’ reliability. By the customers’ own account, the auxiliary tool is quite dependable & sturdy. They add that it has the ability to cope with heavier laser units without being faced with buckling or anything. Their comments also say that it is impermeable to vibrations on the job site. You can do without getting into the hassle of being jostled as you no longer need so.

Critical acclaim by the users

A few clients have shown their dissatisfaction with the way the tripod looks like. Some of the clients express their complaints that the laser level tilts to one side. It happens when they raise the elevator shaft of the unit which corkscrews accounting for the top of the tripod. Some are not satisfied with the look because of its poor quality painting job. They further add that the aluminum is slightly damaged showing scratches.

Bosch BP 350 Telescoping Pole with ¼ Inch by 20 Inch Laser Mount

Bosch BP 350 Telescoping Pole

Bosch BP 350 Telescoping Pole on Amazon

In the first place, it is an absolute laser kit for positioning including tool amount, clamp, & pole with the great advantage of a Quick-Set Clamp helpful for easy placement. The placement can be performed anywhere from the floor to the ceiling. When talking about Micro fine adjustment, the system offers the measurement from 4.6 – 11.5 feet. The pole can’t slip on account of a Ball-joined Head Plat and Anti Slip Surface on the feet.

Appreciative acclaim by the users  

The users who are inspired by this product acclaim that the pole is easy to use and adjust in the first place. In order to prevent slips, the provided rubber feet are an absolute gem. As to the telescoping pole, the users bang the drum in favor of its durability, strength, and solidness.

Critical acclaim by the users

A common complaint reviewed by some users is about the locking system which is difficult in controlling from being slipped after making use of it for a while. Complaints from a few unsatisfied customers take aim at the wobbling of the pole from side to side.

Bosch BT 150 Lightweight Compact Tripod with Adjustable Legs

Bosch BT 150 Lightweight

Bosch BT 150 Lightweight on Amazon

It is portable, light weighted, 2 pounds with adjustable as wells steady base. As far its expansion, it is between 22 to 61 inches. This Lightweight Compact Tripod is a good choice to meet various height needs.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

The best thing about this tripod that the customers appreciate is its lower price. Some customers admire it for being lightweight as they state that it is easier to transport it from A to B. By their own account, the device is the best of the bunch for uneven terrain due to its specifically adapted design of the socket and ball with regards foot pieces.

Critical acclaim by the users

Where it has been appreciated, it is also in front of some features that are being criticized into the bargain. The main complaint is regarding its inaccurate setting of the unit. The current climate of opinion as well suggests that the tripod is too lightweight to grip heavier apparatus.

DEWALT DW08811/4-Inch Laser Tripod

It enjoys a reputation of being a speedy & comfortable set-up on account of its Quick-release legs along with the head rotation of 360 degrees enabling the user to adjust the laser without a hitch. The Tripod’s extendable height-limitation range is between 24 to 69 inches.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

Appreciative acclaim coming out from the users discover that the tripod with lightweight aluminum design allows for the easy adjustment and error free approach as against other similar tripods commonly available in the market.

Critical acclaim by the users

To the accompaniment of appreciative acclaim, some disappointments have also come forward such as the users have to encounter the issue while working with slopes due to the lack of angle adjustment. A few other facts have also been taken aim at. There’s no quick release option in the tripod with regards the laser level leading to screwing again and again inside the unit as and when the need arises to use it.

DEWALT DW0737 Heavy-Duty Tripod


DEWALT DW0737 on Amazon

The tripod allowing for quick and easy to follow system along with 38 to 60 inches height setup is a good choice for those who love keeping it steady on any surface via Pointed steel feet.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

The excellence of adjustability has been highly acclaimed by the users. The users add that the tripod perfectly works all around with the added advantage of being portable & lightweight.

Critical acclaim by the users

The users of this product find that the aluminum isn’t good quality adding that they need to buy the adaptor in order to let the tripod in action. These two complaints are rarely but consistently coming from the users.

CST/Berger 60-ALQRI20-O Heavy Duty Contractor Aluminum Tripod

CST Berger 60-ALQRI20-O

CST Berger 60-ALQRI20-O on Amazon

In the first place, you are able to take this tripod, which is admirably double banded legs, to anywhere immediately because of its special feature of Heavy duty poly webbing shoulder strap. As to the sturdiness, it is also excellent with double banded legs. The tripod’s finishing is really beyond belief. It is just superb with electrostatically painted casting. If you are desirous of a tripod with a long lasting and heavy-duty, you are rightly in here.

Appreciative acclaim by the users

To begin with, the customers love its specialized and interesting look. The best point that makes them write in favor of the product is durability. They also express their feelings that it is to get the best that money can buy.

Conclusive remarks

To begin with, but in two lines; you are simply not able to use your laser level without having a good quality, durable and affordable tripod. However, you need to take some important, informative points into account so that you can assess & buy the perfect, lightweight, sturdy, adjustable and user-friendly laser level tripod. The above is a guideline to help you decide on the ideal product in aid of you.

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